Quality Vending Snacks at an Affordable Price




Looking For Affordable, Local Vending Solutions? 


Considerable thought goes into our snack machine selections; a plentiful product mix from vendors. We also encourage your associates to suggest items they would like to see offered.

Our clients have diverse tastes and preferences; therefore our snack machines are filled with options such as, but not limited to

  1. Martin’s Potato Chips
  2. Perry Dell Milk
  3. Turkey Hill teas
  4. M&Ms
  5. Snicker’s Bars

Doritos Chips, Martin’s Potato Chips, Utz Potato Chips, M&M’s, and Snicker Bars.

When choosing a vending program for your company, we are committed to making sure your program meets the needs of all your associates. Continental Food and Vending Service offers a wide variety of “healthier for you” products including salads, trail mix, pop chips, baked snack items, fruit and granola bars, and pretzels.

The key to successful product selections is open communication between your associates and our customer service representative. If you or your associates would like to request a specific product, please ask the customer service representative or simply contact us. Our customer service representatives are trained to communicate adjustments in product selections and accommodate requests.

Continental Food and Vending Service will tailor the vending options prior to starting our service with your company!

Customer Satisfaction

We are flexible with our product selections and we personalize our service to fit your company’s needs.


Quality Vending Beverages at an Affordable Price


Looking For Affordable Vending Solutions? 


Continental Food and Vending Service offers a variety of cold beverages. Our customer service representative will work with you to develop a comprehensive beverage program that will best fit the needs of your employees.

For our soft drink selection, Continental Vending Services proudly offers all the major brands from Coca-Cola to Pepsi. We also stock our machines with bottled water, energy drinks, juice, Turkey Hill tea, Perrydell Milk, and others.

Customer Satisfaction

We are flexible with our product selections 

Hot Beverages

Our hot beverage machines offer a variety of gourmet, fresh-brewed options, such as premium coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot cocoa, cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, chai tea, and hot tea.

In an effort to go “green,” we offer a use your own mug program in which customers who use their own mugs receive a $0.10 discount off of their selection.